Sanwa JLF Spring

Sanwa JLF Spring
Our Price:  £1.20

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

These springs allows the stiffness of the Sanwa JLF to be modified and will enable faster return to neutral. The springs are made from carbon steel (known as music wire) and offers the best strength and deformation resistance against repeated stresses. The springs are manufactured in the UK to our specification and are not off the shelf parts.

We offer three spring stiffness:

  • 1.1 x: this will make the Sanwa JLF feel 10%  stiffer than stock.
  • 1.6 x: this will make the Sanwa JLF feel 60%  stiffer than stock.
  • 2.0 x: this will make the Sanwa JLF feel 100% stiffer than stock.

The stock Sanwa JLF spring has a Spring Rate of 0.781 N/mm (every mm of compression requires a force of 0.781 Newtons). The stock spring is 15.2mm high and compresses 6mm within the Sanwa JLF, therefore the force generated to return the stick to neutral is 4.69 Newtons (0.781 N/mm x 6mm). 

Our springs have been custom designed to retain the same overall dimensions as the stock Sanwa spring. This ensures that they can sit as intended within the Sanwa JLF, compress to the exact same height and thus will provide the exact increase in stiffness specified.  


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