Sanwa JLF Delrin Actuator

Sanwa JLF Delrin Actuator
 Size: 10.8mmSize: 11.8mm (1mm ovsize) 
Our Price:  £2.95(Inc. 20% VAT)(£2.46 Exc. VAT)

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

These actuators allows you to modify the engage and throw of your Sanwa JLF. The actuator is made from Delrin, which offers superior strength and coefficient of friction compared to Nylon based oversized actuators. As an added bonus, we have made the walls of the actuators 50% thicker than stock to increase longevity of the product.

We offer two sizes: 

  • 10.8mm: reduce engage by 0.30mm and same throw as stock actuator in all directions.
  • 11.8mm (1mm oversize): reduce engage by 0.30mm and reduce throw by 0.5mm in all directions.

Engage = distance to switches.

Throw = distance to gate.


The actuator may not fit a JLF hollow shaft due to its slightly thicker diameter compared to a normal stock JLF shaft.

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