One-Zero Mammoth: Arcade Stick Enclosure

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Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

This is a pre-order for the 1st batch One-Zero Mammoth enclosure. We are currently in manufacturing. We anticipate to start shipping pre-orders in September 2022. We will release more Mammoths for sale in September / October 2022.

Please see the Tech Specs tabs below for full details.

To receive a fully built plug and play ready One-Zero please follow the instructions shown in the Free Assembly Service Tab below.

If you intend to use a full collar Korean lever then choose the Korean acrylic cover.

Please note that this enclosure may not be 100% perfect and may have small isolated errant flakes or minor imperfections on the powder coating, however overall aesthetic appearance will be excellent.  The white colour enclosure may have minor black spots on the powder coating, this is normal and caused by impurities in the powder coat and baking process.

The included clear acrylic cover may have small black/white speck(s) and / or very minor hairline scratches on the acrylic panel. This is normal and occurs as part of the manufacturing.

  • Size 420mm x 245mm x 57mm (W, D, H).
  • Weighs 1.9kg without any components in it - weight includes acrylic cover.
  • 2mm thick cold rolled hardened aluminium (top part of enclosure).
  • 2mm thick cold rolled hardened aluminium (bottom part of enclosure).
  • 2mm thick clear acrylic cover.
  • Bit Bang Gaming Player LED.
  • Polyester sand texture powder coating finish. ​
  • Cut out for 6 no. auxiliary 24mm buttons. 
  • Cut out for 8 no. action buttons (Sega 2 player side Astro City Cab layout). 
  • Detachable USB.
  • Compatible with Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown, Gamer Finger and Qanba buttons. 
  • Compatible with the following joysticks:
    • ​Sanwa JLF and Hori Hayabusa.
    • Seimitsu LS32, LS38 and LS40 using the SS or MS plate.
    • Seimitsu LS56, 58 and 60 using SE P40 plate or MS plate.
    • Seimitsu LS62 using the SS P40 plate.
    • Cool Bear, Fanta and Crown levers.
  • Joysticks are mounted 8mm from topside of enclosure to top side of lever mounting plate.
  • Mount for Brook fighting board PCB. 
  • 3mm thick anti slip mat.

To take advantage of the free assembly service and receive a fully built and ready to use Arcade Stick, please include the following products in your order:

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