One-Zero Kuma: Hit Box

One-Zero Kuma: Hit Box
One-Zero Kuma: Hit BoxOne-Zero Kuma: Hit BoxOne-Zero Kuma: Hit BoxOne-Zero Kuma: Hit Box
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Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

We are experiencing high demand for enclosures. Please use the order status checker to keep up to date on where I am with enclosure orders.

No need for any introductions, this is the original One-Zero but updated to version 2.0 and renamed to One-Zero Kuma. Featuring a timeless classic box design, this One-Zero is larger than the Bambi variant, with lots of wrist space and a large canvas area for your custom artwork. For full details refer to the Tech Specs and v2.0 Changes tab below.

To receive a fully built plug and play ready One-Zero please follow the instructions shown in the Free Assembly Service Tab below.

Please note that this enclosure may not be 100% perfect and may have small isolated errant flakes or minor imperfections on the powder coating, however overall aesthetic appearance will be excellent.  The white colour enclosure may have minor black spots on the powder coating, this is normal and caused by impurities in the powder coat and baking process.

The included clear acrylic cover may have small black speck(s) and / or very minor hairline scratches on the acrylic panel. This is normal and occurs as part of the manufacturing.

  • Size 380mm x 225mm x 57mm (W, D, H).
  • Weighs 2.7kg without any components in it - weight includes acrylic cover.
  • 2mm thick cold rolled mild steel (top part of enclosure).
  • 2mm thick cold rolled hardened aluminium (bottom part of enclosure).
  • 2mm thick clear acrylic cover.
  • Polyester sand texture powder coating finish. ​
  • Cut out for 6 no. auxiliary 24mm buttons. 
  • Cut out for 8 no. action buttons (classic Hit Box layout).
  • Detachable USB.
  • Compatible with Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown, Gamer Finger and Qanba buttons. 
  • Mount for Brook fighting board PCB. 
  • 3mm thick anti slip mat.
  • Renamed to One-Zero Kuma.
  • Reduced height by 5mm.
    • This is a small change to increase comfort for longer gaming sessions.
    • Weight is slightly reduced as a side effect.
  • Increased height of Brook mounting board by 2.0mm, this makes it easier to route custom wiring harness underneath the PCB.
  • Replaced Neutrik USB adaptor with a mountable USB adaptor for a more minimalistic look.
  • Clear acrylic cover now included as standard.

To take advantage of the free assembly service and receive a fully built and ready to use Hit Box, please include the following products in your order:

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Outstanding quality product
Monday, 25 April 2022  | 

My hitbox came in the mail just today and from the unboxing to the use of it I can only say this was my best buy ever.

The package came properly protected to ensure nothing bad happens to the content inside, the quality of the materials is amazing and it feels solid well done.

I used the free assembly option and the end result is perfect, a professional build that works perfectly with no issues, if you are like me and don't know how to build one yourself take the free assembly option and you won't be disappointed trust me. Also the artwork print is crazy good in terms of quality, definition and colors.

If you are on the fence about getting one go for it, it's totally worth it.

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Undeniably Premium
Thursday, 7 April 2022  | 

Ordering was a smooth experience. Blunderbuss Designs went above and beyond with customer service, whether it was amending my order or assisting with my submitted art to make sure the quality was perfect.

Came in VERY secure packaging and I could feel the quality of the product from the moment I saw/felt it. It's a massive upgrade from playing on keyboard for me, was a bit of an adjustment for the first few days but I can't imagine myself playing with anything else.

Additionally the fact that I'm able to make further modifications as I wish (buttons, art, LEDs etc.), IMO it's the best stickless controller money can buy.

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Excellent Enclosure
Wednesday, 26 January 2022  | 

I bought a fully assembled hitbox a little over 4 months ago and it's been a pleasure to play with.

The enclosure is hefty (in the best way possible), feels very comfortable on your lap and the anti slip mat is a great addition to keep it from moving around.

It looks great with the acrylic and artwork on it, feels very sturdy and well put together. Overall it's an awesome product.

The costumer service was also impeccable.

Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a hitbox controller.

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Excellent service, excellent product
Sunday, 26 September 2021  | 

I've had my One-Zero Hitbox for over a year now and I absolutely love it. The build quality is excellent and it continues to work perfectly after many hours of use.

The customer service is also exemplary - the seller always replied to my questions promptly, in great detail, and in a way that was friendly and respectful which I always appreciate. Really I can't recommend this site enough if you're looking for a Hitbox - I couldn't fault the experience of shopping here even if I wanted to.

Thanks again Cool Bear!

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High-end product
Monday, 30 August 2021  | 

As others have mentioned, the build quality is just superb: weighty, robust and comfortable (v1 enclosure, so this is heavier and larger than the v2). The anti-slip mat and plexi-cover are both very welcome additions.

The customer service was excellent and I was kept updated throughout, shipping was very reasonably-priced and it arrived quickly and immaculately packaged.

I suspect I'll be using this for a long while, but when it does come time to make another purchase it will be with Blunderbuss.

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Amazing Hitbox
Thursday, 17 June 2021  | 

I'm very impressed by their work. Very clean and slick. I chose to assemble it myself, because the available button selection is very small and didn't have the buttons I wanted/needed. Assembly was very easy... Especially with the custom wire harness.
Packaging was also great... There is no way, something can break with how it's packaged.

I wasn't expecting the clear acrylic cover to be so thick. But that gives it a durable look. I had a lot of fun, making my own custom cover design. The template is easy to use and the print quality is excellent. Of course that depends on the file you choose.

My only two gripes are the selection of buttons and availability, though the latter is understandable as it isn't a big factory, that makes housing 24/7.

I wish we had options to have led buttons... I had to make them myself

Overall I am very pleased with the Hitbox... I will definitely buy again in the future.

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Just Quality Product
Wednesday, 2 June 2021  | 

I have received my fully assembled one zero enclosure, and its. . .marvelous, very sturdy, feels good with the anti slip mat. The build is outstanding, easy access to the wiring, and the wiring itself is done very cleanly, lots of space inside the enclosure as well if you want to mod it somehow. Although it had strange metallic smell to it, must be either paint or perhaps a varnish, but in matter of hours it dissipated so no problem there.

Fully assembled it can be pricey but the quality, you just can't buy like that off the shelf

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No Complaints
Sunday, 11 April 2021  | 

Ordered a full build that took about a week to arrive from UK to EU.

Have been using it for around two weeks and it works great, feels great and looks great. The questions I had were answered promptly and well. Even accommodated a small request I had.

Seems to be a great way to get a hitbox-style controller in Europe. Would recommend.

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Great stuff
Sunday, 11 April 2021  | 

Had my eye on one of these enclosures for a while after seeing all the other glowing reviews. Decided to bite the bullet and get it. Found out they don't ship to Estonia, contacted them about it and got it fixed in 30 minutes.

Came extremely well packaged. At least 5 layers of bubblewrap. No pesky package handler is gonna break it even if they tried. Hitbox itself is hefty and feels nice on the lap, definitely recommend the anti slip mat.

Extremely happy with my purchase and couldn't recommend them more.

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Obvious recommendation
Wednesday, 17 March 2021  | 

Genuinely haven't had many, if any better experiences buying anything.

Bought the hitbox enclosure (plus harness, acrylic and PCB).
ALL of the other reviews mention the quality, but there is literally not a single fault I can find with any of the items.
It's built like a tank, so if you can't win games by skill, at least the option of bludgeoning opponents is there.
Packaging was set up to survive being airdropped, and while electronics etc were packaged inside the case, the acrylic was already screwed onto the enclosure, which was a nice touch.
The quick disconnects on the harness were quite tight, so while care needs to be taken when wiring, it's not really a criticism.

Service, communication etc:
So I ended up adding a new PCB to the order, and while the combination of the orders was mentioned on the website and expected, the email from BD offering troubleshooting on the PCB it was replacing wasn't. It's not often you'll find somewhere willing to help to fix something for you rather than sell you a replacement and that says a lot to me.

Basically if you're looking at these reviews to figure out whether this is worth it, I think you can tell what my verdict is.

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