One-Zero Hit Box

One-Zero Hit Box
One-Zero Hit BoxOne-Zero Hit BoxOne-Zero Hit Box
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For more information on the free assembly service, please see the Free Assembly Service tab below.

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

We are currently still waiting for carboard boxes to shipped to us so we can pack things. Cardboard boxes are due to me Monday 8th Feb 2021. We will aim to ship things then. Feel free to contact us around that date for an update on your enclosure order.

This product is for a One-Zero Hit Box (v1.1) enclosure only. To receive a fully built Hit Box please follow the instructions in the Free Assembly Service tab below. The purchase of this enclosure includes the following items:

  • Black / white Neutrik USB adaptor and rubber gasket (do not select add mounting hardware at checkout).
  • All required bolts pre-mounted to the relevant positions.
  • 25cm long USB 2.0 cable.
  • 2.0m long USB 2.0 cable.
  • 4 x Penn Elcom 38mm rubber feet or option to upgrade to an anti slip mat.

Please note that this enclosure may have small isolated errant flakes or minor imperfections on the powder coating, however overall aesthetic appearance will be excellent.


  • Size 380mm x 225mm x 62mm. 
  • 2mm thick cold rolled mild steel (top part of enclosure).
  • 2mm thick cold rolled hardened aluminium (bottom part of enclosure).
  • Polyester sand texture powder coating finish. ​
  • Cut out for 6 no. auxiliary 24mm buttons. 
  • Cut out for 8 no. action buttons (classic Hit Box layout).
  • Cut out for Neutrik USB adaptor. 
  • Compatible with Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown and Gamer Finger buttons. 
  • Mount for Brook fighting board PCB. 
  • Mount for 4 no. 38mm diameter Penn Elcom rubber feet. 

To take advantage of the free assembly service and to receive a fully built and ready to use Hit Box, please include the following products in your order:

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020  | 

I used the Free Assembly Service when I ordered the controller. My artwork looks great and the size and weight of the enclosure is very comfortable. It's a really solid and comfortable controller and I couldn't be any happier with my purchase. This really is exactly what I wanted.

The shipping was surprisingly fast and the packaging was thorough enough to frustrate me as I was opening the thing, with rolls upon rolls around the enclosure! (Just to be clear: this is a positive thing.)

I'd also like to mention the great customer service. Before I ordered the thing I had a bunch of questions regarding a whole lot of things and I got very thorough answers, as well as help and advice regarding my artwork.

Whenever I need new parts or another controller I'm sure I'll buy them from Blunderbuss.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2020  | 

I got the full assembly - white acylic cover and black case.

Very high quality parts and a joy to use, highly recommend it to anyone that is on the fence.

Will be getting all parts I need in future from here, could not be happier!

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Insanely Good
Friday, 11 December 2020  | 

I'm in Belgium so it was rather hard to find a supplier for a hitbox. I compared probably dozens of manufacturers but for some reason Blunderbuss just clicked with me.

I bought this case, along with all the items required (and artwork) to get it pre-built by Blunderbuss.

Shipping was very fast and the packaging was incredibly well sealed, it could've dropped off a plane 5km high and it would've been perfectly fine.

I could immediately tell the hitbox was of incredible quality as it had a lot of weight to it, I was not wrong; this baby is everything I could've wanted. The artwork is beautifully done under the plexi cover and the hitbox oozes quality. If you're looking for a hitbox in the EU you should definately get a Blunderbuss one!

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Great case - exactly what i wanted.
Wednesday, 2 September 2020  | 

Like i mentioned in the title exactly what i needed to put together hitbox controller.
The case has a nice finish (no sharp edges).

The case is thick and the metal is hard to drill into (checked that while mounting brook breakout board on the side instead of one of the buttons).

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Well built
Tuesday, 11 August 2020  | 

Has a good weight to it and feels very well built

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incredible and well built enclosure and packaging
Monday, 10 August 2020  | 

it might get pricy a little bit. but know for sure you are paying for quality. the packaging for this thing is so good. I pretty sure there was more than 10 rolls around the box not to mention the box itself.

I am also sure I can throw this off of the top of my house and it will still survive.

but there are things I wish it was available. which is pushbuttons. there are only Sanwa buttons at the moment of this review and I really wanted something else. perhaps crown or samatiska. Sanwa buttons are alright but they are getting old and many options out there can replace them in every shape and form. also, I wanted to have a clear Plexi but it wasn't available due to the pandemic affected the Plexi productions. so I went with white and it looks good. but nothing beats clear looking plexi for me.

also, the website can be improved so much in terms of accessibility and ease of use, for example, when I was looking for a hitbox I visited this site multiple times and whenever I try to collect the parts I need for a complete hitbox I didn't know that the enclosure has some parts come with it like two cables and such. which I already add in the basket and it showed higher price than it needs to. although I am sure the people behind this website well contact you about it to make sure you didn't make a mistake which leads me to the next point.

customer services. throughout my ordering process, I changed my order twice. and they were very helpful and supported me until I was satisfied to complete my order. this is really something I respect in small businesses which are providing the best service you can give to your customers.

I leave this review for the people who are wondering about the world of custom fight sticks. if you want quality. I can't talk about other options. but I am hell sure this is what quality look like. I have never been asked to leave a review. I just did it out of satisfaction and feeling the right to give the wanderers what I experienced.

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A very solid and incredibly well built enclosure
Tuesday, 4 August 2020  | 

Heavy, thick steel on top, no burrs, perfect powder coating finish, mounting studs for Brook Fighting Board PCBs: the perfect enclosure. One downside ? So the steel top case is so thick that it is hard to add even a mere 6mm hole for an LED holder

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Great Product, Fast Shipping
Tuesday, 28 July 2020  | 

The Hit Box that I received looks and works great. I asked for it to be assembled and it arrived ready to plug and play.

The shipping was fast and got tracking information throughout.

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The only choice for a UK custom hitbox.
Wednesday, 8 July 2020  | 

Bought this for my first hitbox and didn't look back. Looks great, easy to build in (especially with the wiring harness), great build quality. Worth the price for sure.

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Well worth it
Wednesday, 8 July 2020  | 

I ordered a free assembly hitbox with custom artwork. The product arrived insanely fast and the artwork I wanted came out amazingly. Using it is a joy, it's the perfect weight and feels super comfortable resting on my life. I'm used to using Hori hayabusa buttons but can say with confidence that the sanwa buttons on this hitbox feel much more solid as well as make far less sound. Overall the product just feels solidly put together and is just a fun time to use. I've been considering getting a hitbox from here for a while and can say with confidence that it is definitely worth the money!

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