One-Zero Hit Box

One-Zero Hit Box
 One-Zero Hit BoxOne-Zero Hit Box 
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For more information on the free assembly service, please see the Free Assembly Service tab below.

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

This product is for a One-Zero Hit Box (v1.1) enclosure only. To receive a fully built Hit Box please follow the instructions in the Free Assembly Service tab below. The purchase of this enclosure includes the following items:

  • Black / white Neutrik USB adaptor and rubber gasket.
  • All required bolts pre-mounted to the relevant positions.
  • 25cm long USB 2.0 cable.
  • 2.0m long USB 2.0 cable.
  • 4 x Penn Elcom 38mm rubber feet or option to upgrade to an anti slip mat.


  • Size 380mm x 225mm x 60mm. 
  • 2mm thick cold rolled mild steel (top part of enclosure).
  • 2mm thick cold rolled hardened aluminium (bottom part of enclosure).
  • Polyester sand texture powder coating finish. ​
  • Cut out for 6 no. auxiliary 24mm buttons. 
  • Cut out for 8 no. action buttons (classic Hit Box layout).
  • Cut out for Neutrik USB adaptor. 
  • Compatible with Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown and Gamer Finger buttons. 
  • Mount for Brook fighting board PCB. 
  • Mount for 4 no. 38mm diameter Penn Elcom rubber feet. 

To take advantage of the free assembly service and to receive a fully built and ready to use Hit Box, please include the following products in your order:

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So good.
Friday, 3 April 2020  | 

Damn, this is just amazing. Ordered and got notified a few days later that it had already been dispatched. Been playing on it all day and have been pulling off inputs I previously struggled with (played on stick)
The hitbox is super well-built and feels great. The weight makes it feel really solid aswell. Thank you!

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Thursday, 2 April 2020  | 

After a month of searching and looking around at home solutions, I decided to go ahead with getting a One-Zero with an acrylic panel after hearing good things about it. It was sent and delivered so quickly, insanely well protected with the packaging too.

The moment I pulled it out of the box, I could feel the weight and durability of the unit itself, it's so sturdy and well crafted, smooth and feels great to the touch, couldn't find a single imperfection. All my 24mm buttons (I'm using Seimitsu screw buttons) and the 30mm button fit well, had no issues. The pre-set screw holes for the Brook PCB helped and the guides for the wiring harness installation made everything a breeze.

Can't recommend this enough, you definitely get what you paid for. I've had other sticks before and this feels the most premium, it feels like a luxury product.

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Great Service
Thursday, 2 April 2020  | 

I'm super happy with the quality, I was using a modified plastic hitbox before this and I have to say this feels way more sturdy and well built.
It arrived quickly and was packaged really well.
Overall this is a great enclosure from a great company

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Full kit Hitbox + Assembly
Thursday, 2 April 2020  | 

When the package came in I was really surprised about the weight and When I open up the package... my days! There it was, a very slick hitbox. The product is very well made, heavy and with a really nice finish. I was in doubt about the Plexiglas glass but it does add an extra level off shininess that I appreciate. The hitbox works perfectly it's taking sometime to get used to it but it works perfectly.
The assembly service was also great, blunderbuss sorted everything to get this classy thing build. I was also really impressed with how fast it shipped I think from order to assembly it took no more than a week. Amazing stuff really keep up the good work!

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Quality product with small nitpicks
Tuesday, 3 March 2020  | 

Full kit with Wireless board and Hitbox layout.
Order was placed on saturday. It was assembled and sent monday morning.
Package was well protected (3+ layers of bubble wrap and box full of styrofoam).

Product screams quality when you get your hands on it. Sturdy/heavy and does not have any kind of metallic ringing or ping sounds.

USB connection was plug-and-play and PC recognizes all the controller modes (NC, PS3, PS4, XBOX)

Moving from keyboard hitbox style layout to actual hitbox button layout felt little too wide at first but this feeling was gone after couple of hours.

Would recommend if someone asks if its worth it!


Wireless fighting board antenna is installed inside the metal enclosure. Not sure about PS4 connectivity but PC and PS3 connection has 1-3 seconds of input delay. Opening the enclosure fixes delayed inputs so the signal is too weak.
Fixing this on my own is easy enough but just a small heads up that prepare to drill antenna hole for your new product if you get the wireless option.

Some sort of button layout for the side button on paper or on the website. Had some problems when pairing with PC and was not really sure did I press "Select/Share/Back" and then "Home/PS/XB" or something totally different.

L3 R3 USB Touch Share/Back Home/PS Options/Start

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Full kit + assembly service and delivery
Wednesday, 26 February 2020  | 

Review is done after one and a half months of testing.

The enclosure feels very sturdy, it is heavy and can be used on top of a table or on the lap. Even though the bottom of the enclosure only has 4 friction points (so it would not slip on a table), and nothing to keep still, it still feels very good and solid on the lap, and does not slip at all, since it is pretty heavy and has some texture on the surface. Materials and paintwork feel premium. The casing comes with a detachable USB cable, which could be a little longer.

Acrylic cover:
This is the only thing that might need some improvement. The freshly cut cover is not beveled at all, and will feel a bit sharp on the wrists out of the box. After a week or so I cant even feel the edge anymore, so its more of a matter of getting used to it and the edge getting worn and getting smoother.

PCB (ps3 ps4 plus):
Good PCB works like a charm on the PC and PS4. No hiccups at all so far.

Wiring and assembly service:
Assembly was done professionally, and nothing has come loose yet, including wires and the casing alltogether.

Delivery and customer service:
Had some problems with the delivery, but it was because of the local postal service. The package was sent on time as promised and was well protected for the delivery. Customer service was excellent, and I felt like my opinions matter and I felt appreciated.

Excellent place to order excellent quality arcade stick parts and assemblies. Products are top notch and very well designed, assembled and delivered. Can happily recommend.

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The best in EU
Tuesday, 25 February 2020  | 

If you're lusting over a Panzer or an All fight sticks case then this is the one. It's on par or probably better.

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good product
Sunday, 16 February 2020  | 

Case quality is top, its heavy which is good because it will prevent to slide on your lap, delivery was quick (3-4) days to germany.
sadly they had no acrylic on stock when i orderd.
product is flawless, also the buttons are mount like i wanted.
the only thing i will change is to switch select and home button.
top hitbox seller EU

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Good product
Saturday, 15 February 2020  | 

Bought the entire kit for a hitbox with full compatibility and had it assembled by Nigel.

Work on the hitbox was done within a day, and the rest was up to UPS.

Nigel quickly responded to my every enquiry and emails, so i cannot complain at all.

The quality of the case is really good, although a bit heavy.
The simple acrylic cover is as expected and most important it came with no scratches.
The Pcb I ordered offers full compatibility with consoles and pc, I've seen no delay or any other problems.
The sanwa buttons are good, not too loud ( in my opinion ), would've been cool to have different colour options, but those can easily be changed along the line if needed.

Another thing I like about the hitbox is the detachable cable, makes it easy to fit in a bag and it has none of that wonky compartment nonsense some sticks have.

I'm happy with my purchase and the support I've received. I highly recommend getting your sticks, hitboxes or parts here!

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Like a tank
Wednesday, 12 February 2020  | 

This build is just great. I am really impressed with this build quality. It feels really like a tank, heavy, stabile, the measures a perfect, the complete package is just great. Without any doubt the price worth. I got also the Wiring Harness. Both product getting a big recommendation from my site.

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