Omron A5 Pin Microswitch

Omron A5 Pin Microswitch
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Brand:  Gersung

These Omron V-15-3A5 microswitches can be used to to replace the stock switches in your Sanwa JLF. You will need to purchase four in total to replace the Sanwa JLF switches. No soldering is required for installation, simply remove the PCB assembly from the JLF and click these into place. We highly recommend the purchase of the 5 pin to 8 pin harness to make wiring things up a breeze.

The effective operating force is 200g (same as stock JLF switches), however these will feel smoother in comparison and arguably slightly less stiff. Combined with our custom JLF springs, you can achieve smoother actuation and a stiffer lever with faster return to neutral.


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