Myoungshin Fanta Stainless Steel Shaft v1.1

Myoungshin Fanta Stainless Steel Shaft v1.1
Shaft Diameter: 7.0mmShaft Diameter: 8.0mmShaft Diameter: 9.0mm
Our Price:  £9.95

Each shaft is machined to tight tolerances and finished to a Satin polish.

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

These custom stainless steel shafts allows you to modify the throw of the lever. The shaft will require a purchase of a ball top or bat top from either Sanwa, Seimitsu or Crown. We recommend our very own Delrin Bat Top.

This version is 1.1, the lower half of the shaft has been adjusted to fit into the smaller bushing opening found in Myoungshin Fanta late 2020 version. This shaft will work on all currently known version of the Myoungshin Fanta.

We provide the following diameters:

- 7mm, 8mm and 9mm diameter.

Smaller diameter shaft = increases throw distance.

Larger diameter shaft = reduces throw distance.

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