Myoungshin Fanta Stainless Steel Shaft v1.1

Myoungshin Fanta Stainless Steel Shaft v1.1
Shaft Diameter: 7.0mmShaft Diameter: 8.0mmShaft Diameter: 9.0mm
Our Price:  £9.95

Each shaft is machined to tight tolerances and finished to a Satin polish.

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

Custom stainless steel shafts manufactured to tight tolerances for the Myoungshin Fanta. It allows you to modify the throw of the lever. The shaft will require a purchase of a ball top or bat top from either Sanwa, Seimitsu or Crown. We recommend our very own Delrin Bat Top.

We provide the following diameters:

- 7mm, 8mm and 9mm diameter.

Smaller diameter shaft = increases throw distance.

Larger diameter shaft = reduces throw distance.

This is version 1.1, the lower half of the shaft has been adjusted to fit into the smaller bushing opening found in a Myoungshin Fanta late 2020 version. This shaft will work on all currently known versions of the Myoungshin Fanta. It will feel slightly loose when installed in a pre 2020 Fanta and in a Cool Bear lever v1.0 bushing.

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