Myoungshin Fanta Delrin Actuator

Myoungshin Fanta Delrin Actuator
Actuator Diameter: 14.5mmActuator Diameter: 15.0mmActuator Diameter: 15.5mm
Our Price:  £3.00

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

These Delrin actuators are manufactured to tight tolerances and is included as part of the Cool Bear lever and Cool Modded Fanta. It allows you to modify the engage of the lever. Installation requires use of the stock Myoungshin Fanta e-clip. Delrin is a strong engineering plastic with desirable properties that are suited for use as an actuator.

We provide the following diameters:

- 14.5mm, 15.0mm and 15.5mm diameter.


Smaller diameter actuator = increases engage distance.

Larger diameter actuator = reduces engage distance.

This actuator is designed to "just fit" the shaft, therefore it may feel tighter when installing in comparison to the stock actuator.

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