Myoungshin Fanta Delrin Actuator v1.2

Myoungshin Fanta Delrin Actuator v1.2
Actuator Diameter: 14.5mmActuator Diameter: 15.0mmActuator Diameter: 15.5mm
Our Price:  £3.00

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

These Delrin actuator allows you to modify the engage of the lever. Installation requires use of the stock Myoungshin Fanta e-clip. Delrin is a strong engineering plastic with desirable properties that are suited for use as an actuator.

We provide the following diameters:

- 14.5mm, 15.0mm and 15.5mm diameter.

Smaller diameter actuator = increases engage distance.

Larger diameter actuator = reduces engage distance.

v1.2 now works with both the stock Myoungshin Fanta and stainless steel shaft v1.1.


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