IST Mall Rubber Grommet

IST Mall Rubber Grommet
Stiffness: Blue 35AStiffness: Red 40AStiffness: Black 45A
Our Price:  £3.65

Brand:  IST Mall

Rubber grommets for your Myoungshin Fanta or Cool Bear lever. They can also be used in any other IST Mall manufactured levers such as the Kaze, Alpha 49s and Fujin. The rubber grommet provides allows the lever to return to neutral. The higher the stiffness, the faster the return to neutral at the cost of arm fatigue.

We stock Black 45A, Red 40A and Blue 35A grommets. Dependent on the joystick, the tension will feel subjectively different. For example a rating of 45A is installed on both the Myoungshin and Fujin, however the Fujin feels stiffer overall due to the microswitches and size of bushing used.

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