Thank you for visiting us today! Here you will find custom designed Arcade Sticks and Hit Boxes, all made from powder coated steel. We primarily serve the UK and European markets but also ship to USA, Canada, Russia, Pakistan, Australia and elsewhere on request. In addition to enclosures, we also stock Sanwa buttons, custom wiring harnesses, Brook Fighting boards, custom designed levers and mods for the Myoungshin Fanta and Sanwa JLF. 

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Top Tier K-Lever
Wednesday, 20 May 2020  |  Zoe

Stuck this in my Etokki Omni upon receiving and was immediately impressed. I also run a Fujin V3 and a full-collar Golden Lever and the Cool Bear is right up there with them. Compared to the Fujin, the overall higher quality package makes for a smoother experience. Compared to the GL, it lacks the bells and whistles (I actually think I prefer the CB's no-frills approach) but still offers all the customization I need and an immaculate fit and finish at a much more reasonable price. I changed out the grommet from the stock 35A to a 40A (I prefer the higher tension for my KBDs and Mishima wavedashes) and it's perfect. The Cool Bear Lever is likely to become my new main and I couldn't be happier with it.

Side note: also shipped and delivered to the US -surprisingly- quick; ordered on Saturday, showed up at my door Wednesday

Clean, Crisp and Colourful
Wednesday, 13 May 2020  |  George

This is the first time I have ever requested some custom art to be printed and cut, and Blunderbuss Designs have really set the bar high. In terms of getting started and ease of access, Blunderbuss Provide a quality template so that you can estimate (with great accuracy) how the art will look once cut out. The template comes in a .psd format, and so it is designed for Photoshop. If however, you don't have access to photoshop, it opens and works just as effectively in the browser based Photopea application. The instructions provided on the template are precise and easy to follow, and the templates are universal, meaning that different layers support the Hitbox layout and the standard stick layouts (both Japanese and Korean). This made creating artwork a breeze.

The quality of the paper is brilliant, and the colours came out beautifully. Obviously they won't match your artwork 1:1, as is the nature of colour on monitors, but in my case I can't tell the difference. It was about as close as you can get. I sent my art with a density of 300 pixels per inch and the lines look crisp and clean. The paper has a subtle shine and feels firm, though you should obviously be careful when handling it. It sits nicely underneath the acrylic cover and I cannot fault the cut of the art. There were no jagged edges from where the buttons were cut away.

The customer service provided was amazing! I purchased this alongside my One-Zero enclosure and Blunderbuss Designs took the time to email me, asking if I would like them to pre-install the artwork. Of course, I said yes, and now that I'm looking at it in person, I'm pleased to say that the art was installed flawlessly. Not a speck of dust or grime anywhere between the art and the acrylic cover, and the art for my buttons was sent safely tucked away inside the case.

All in all, I would highly recommend this service. Initially, I didn't expect too much, especially as a first time buyer, but I have had my expectations completely exceeded. I'll be ordering any additional art from Blunderbuss Designs from now on, even if it is for another stick.

Thursday, 2 April 2020  |  Daryoush

After a month of searching and looking around at home solutions, I decided to go ahead with getting a One-Zero with an acrylic panel after hearing good things about it. It was sent and delivered so quickly, insanely well protected with the packaging too.

The moment I pulled it out of the box, I could feel the weight and durability of the unit itself, it's so sturdy and well crafted, smooth and feels great to the touch, couldn't find a single imperfection. All my 24mm buttons (I'm using Seimitsu screw buttons) and the 30mm button fit well, had no issues. The pre-set screw holes for the Brook PCB helped and the guides for the wiring harness installation made everything a breeze.

Can't recommend this enough, you definitely get what you paid for. I've had other sticks before and this feels the most premium, it feels like a luxury product.

High Quality Clear Cover
Tuesday, 3 March 2020  |  Robin

I purchased two of these clear covers (1 x 6 button custom cut, 1 x 8 button standard) to go with my One-Zero arcade stick enclosure. Both were perfectly made and each one came with a protective covering so completely scratch free when installed.Probably the best addition to your enclosure to protect its top surface and your artwork.

Premium Quality Case
Wednesday, 19 February 2020  |  Robin

The One Zero arcade stick enclosure is easily the best case I've ever seen & now happily own! The level of design & engineering that has gone into it along with it's high quality parts & manufacture make it superior to all in every sense of the word. The enclosure even has a good weight to it and feels really solid whilst retaining nice clean & sleek lines. Get one, because you'll thank yourself that you did!