Engraved Acrylic Cover

Engraved Acrylic Cover
 Engraved Acrylic CoverEngraved Acrylic Cover 
Our Price:  £45.00

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

2mm thick cast acrylic, engraved on the underside. Cast acrylic achieves a superior engraving finish compared to extruded acrylic. These acrylic covers are made to order due to the nature of the product. We can do a combination of raster and vector engraving, however we would recommend that you use raster engraving throughout your design, even for thin engraving lines. Please refer to the Design Specification tab further below.

Do not use window cleaner or ammonia based cleaning products on the acrylic cover. These will react with the acrylic and cause the face of the cover to be smudged permanently. Use a plastic cleaner such as Novous 1 with a micro fibre lint free cloth to clean the acrylic cover.


You must supply us with your engraved design in vector format such as in .ai or .dxf to the following specifications:
  • The layout (Japanese/Korean/Hit Box) must be shown as red hairline (0.01 pt) RGB 255,0,0.
  • Show vector engraving design as blue hairline (0.01 pt) to RGB 0,0,255
  • Show raster engraving design as black line and fill to RGB 0,0,0
  • Use separate layers, eg Layer 1: Hit box Layout, Layer 2: Line engrave, Layer 3: Raster engrave etc.
  • You can combine raster and line engraving into one design to create interesting effects.
  • Do not show mutliple layouts in one file, either show Japanese, Korean or Hit Box.
  • Do not adjust the size of the template. 
Use our official engraved template to undertake your engraving design. The template includes the Arcade Stick (Japanese and Korean layout) and also the Hit Box button layout. The file type is .dxf. You can use Adobe Illustrator to open and convert it to .ai using 1:1 scale in millimetres.

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