Cool Bear v2.0 (Omron A5)

Cool Bear v2.0 (Omron A5)
Cool Bear v2.0 (Omron A5)Cool Bear v2.0 (Omron A5)Cool Bear v2.0 (Omron A5)
Cool Bear v2.0 (Omron A5)Cool Bear v2.0 (Omron A5)
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Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

We are currently working on revision 2 of this lever and making some minor geometric design changes to suit. The main changes so far can be seen in my tweet made in late 2020.

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  • 303 stainless steel shaft finished to a satin polish.
  • Steel plate, powder coated light grey to a flat matt finish.
  • Black Delrin bushing and actuator.
  • Black Delrin body.
  • Mounting dimensions for both Sanwa and Korean centres.
  • IST Mall 35A rubber grommet.
  • Choice of Gersung A3 or Omron A5 microswitches.
  • Choice of removable bat top colour.
  • Choice of shaft and actuator diameter.
  • Choice of rubber grommet.
  • 40mm diameter oversized dust washer.
  • 14.00mm diameter bushing.
  • 15.6mm switch spacing.
  • Low collar (15mm internal diameter).
  • Delrin body now used for body housing and collar. v1.0 had acetal housing and collar.
  • Custom dimension truncated circle provided at base of body housing.
  • Removed changeable collar feature and adjusted internal diameter of collar to 15.0mm.
  • Low collar only.
  • Height of bushing adjusted to 11.8mm high. v1.0 had 11.9mm high bushing.
  • 1.5mm mounting plate to reduce weight. v1.0 had a 2.0mm thick plate.
  • Fujin V3 style microswitch plate now no longer provided to reduce weight.
  • Sanwa JLF mounting centres on mounting plate. v1.0 had both Korean and JLF mounting centres.
  • Switches are now mounted via brass threaded inserts located on bottom side of body housing.
  • Mounting plate now fastens to top of Delrin body via 4 no. brass threaded inserts. 
  • Option for Omron A5 microswitches. v1.0 came bundled with Gersung A3 only.
  • Option for blue, red or black rubber grommet. v1.0 came with blue grommet only.
  • Option for Shuriken Korean PCB. This product did not exist at the time of v1.0.