Clear Acrylic Cover

Clear Acrylic Cover
 Clear Acrylic CoverClear Acrylic Cover 
Our Price:  £15.00

Brand:  Blunderbuss Designs

2mm thick clear acrylic cover. These will allow you to place custom artwork underneath to customise the look of your One-Zero enclosure. That said, they still make your enclosure look beautiful even without any artwork. The product ships with a plastic film, which will need to be removed from both sides of the cover before using.

Do not use window cleaner or ammonia based cleaning products on the acrylic cover. These will react with the acrylic and cause the face of the cover to be smudged permanently. Use a plastic cleaner such as Novous 1 with a micro fibre lint free cloth to clean the acrylic cover.


Use our official Photoshop artwork template to undertake your art design. The template includes the Arcade Stick (Japanese and Korean) and also the Hit Box button layout. DPI is set to 300 to ensure your artwork is razor sharp when printed. Please note we do not print and cut the artwork design for you.

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