Brook Fighting Board

Brook Fighting Board
Variant: PS3 / PS4 PlusVariant: Wireless Fighting Board (inc battery)Variant: Universal Fighting Board
Our Price:  £49.95

Brand:  Brook

These PCBs are the brains of One-Zero enclosures and allows your Arcade Stick or Hit Box to function as an input device to your console / PC of choice. All Brook PCBs have built in SOCD cleaners, low input latency and is fully compatible with One-Zero enclosures and wiring harnesses. Please review the Compatibility tab below to see which platform each Brook PCB supports.

Please refer to the Wiring Harness Install Guide on how to connect a Brook fighting board within a One-Zero enclosure. We also recommend you take a quick look at the Wireless Board Install Guide also.


Brook PS3 / PS4 Plus: PS3, PS4 and PC via X-input.

Brook Universal Fighting Board: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, Switch, PS Classic and Neo Geo Mini.

Brook Wireless Board: PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via X-input. Wireless mode on PC is via bluetooth and is not X-input.

Console wireless connection: Wired connection is required first:

  • Hold down 1P button and connect USB to the console for PS3 and then press Home button.
  • Hold down 2P button and connect USB to console for PS4 and then press Home button.
  • Hold down 1K button and connect USB to console for Nintendo Switch and then press Home button.

To switch between PS4 and Nintendo Switch wireless connection, hold down Home and 2P, this will disconnect from PS4 and wirelessly connect to Nintendo Switch.

PC: Hold down 2K button and connect USB to PC for wired X-input. Hold down Share and Home button for 2 seconds, this brings the board to bluetooth device paring mode. You should now see 'Wireless Controller' in your bluetooth device list to pair the board to your PC.


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