5 Pin to 8 Pin Harness

5 Pin to 8 Pin Harness
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Brand:  IST Mall

This wiring harness, manufactured by IST Mall, allows the One-Zero wiring harness to be compatible with joysticks that uses 4.8mm terminals. Typically, Korean levers and Seimitsu LSxx joysticks (non -01 variants) are found with 4.8mm terminals. 

The One-Zero wiring harness has the following colours associated with each movement direction:

Green = Right

Orange = Up

Yellow = Left

Red = Down


Therefore the 5 pin to 8 pin harness must be connected to the joystick's microswitch in the correct manner. For example the orange wire must be connected to the microswitch that engages when the joystick is moved to the up direction etc.

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